A Heartwarming Tale of Redemption in ‘El padre bueno’ – Available Now on [OTT Platform Name]

El padre bueno is an upcoming Spanish short drama film directed by Jorge Canada Escorihuela. With a runtime of just 15min, El padre bueno is set to be released in 202

The film follows the story of a young boy struggling to find a good role model for himself. With no father figure in his life, the boy looks for guidance from an unlikely source. The film is written by Jorge Canada Escorihuela and stars an ensemble cast yet to be revealed.

With a IMDb rating of 2, El padre bueno is sure to be worth the wait. The big question remains, is El padre bueno on an OTT platform?

About The Movie El padre buenoInformation
Movie NameEl padre bueno
IMDB(Rating)4.2 Out Of 10
DirectedJorge Canada Escorihuela
WriterJorge Canada Escorihuela

Story of About the El padre bueno

El padre bueno” is a Spanish-language drama film written and directed by Jorge Canada Escorihuela. The movie was released in 2023 and has a runtime of 15 minutes.

The movie is set in Spain and is based on a story of a father and son. The father is a loving and caring man who is trying to provide the best for his son. The movie starts off with the father, Luis, and his son, Miguel, living in a small village in Spain.

Luis is struggling to make ends meet and provide for his family. He is a gentle and kind man but is also firm when it comes to discipline.

Miguel is a rebellious teenager who is struggling to fit in with the other kids in school. The father and son have a strained relationship due to Miguel’s rebellious nature. The movie follows the journey of Luis and Miguel as they try to build a better relationship.

Through a series of events, Luis and Miguel come to a better understanding of each other. Through the struggles, Luis learns to become a better father and Miguel learns to be a better son.

The Best of El padre bueno movie review is that it is a heartwarming and emotional story that can be enjoyed by all ages. The movie showcases the struggles of a father and son and how they are able to overcome their differences and build a better relationship. The movie is beautifully shot with great performances from the actors.

The movie is an uplifting story and sends an important message to all parents and children that communication and understanding is key to having a successful relationship.

El padre bueno Cast & Crew

The cast and crew for the upcoming 2023 Spanish movie, El padre bueno, is sure to make it a hit. The movie is directed by Jorge Canada Escorihuela and written by him as well. It is a short, dramatic film that is expected to have a runtime of 15 minutes and be released on March 11, 202

The language of the movie is Spanish, and it has an IMDB rating of

The star list of the movie is yet to be announced, but we are sure that the cast and crew of El padre bueno will be filled with talented Spanish actors and actresses. We are excited to see what this movie has to offer and how it will portray the story of a good father. We look forward to seeing how this movie will captivate audiences when it is released in 202

El padre bueno OTT Release Date & Available OTT Platform?

The release date for the Spanish short drama film El padre bueno is set for March 11th, 202 This 15-minute film is directed by Jorge Canada Escorihuela with a screenplay written by the same person. El padre bueno is set to be released in Spain with Spanish as its native language.

IMDB has given the film an overall rating of 2 stars.

Unfortunately, there is no official information on the exact OTT platform that will be hosting El padre bueno’s release. However, it is likely that it will be available on streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Fans of El padre bueno will have to wait until March 2023 to find out the official OTT release date for the film.

Conclusion of El padre bueno

El padre bueno” is an upcoming short drama film directed by Jorge Canada Escorihuela and written by Jorge Canada Escorihuela. It is set to release in 2023, and is expected to be a great success.

It is a 15-minute Spanish-language film that follows the story of a father and son who are trying to get through life together. As of now, the movie is not available on any over-the-top (OTT) platforms. However, it is expected to be available on them once it is released.

The movie looks promising and will be worth the wait.

El padre bueno FAQs

What is El padre bueno about?

El padre bueno is a short story by Spanish author Miguel de Unamuno about a father’s unconditional love for his son. The story follows the father’s attempts to protect his son from the harsh realities of life and to provide him with a better future.

Is El padre bueno available on other streaming platforms?

No, El padre bueno is currently only available on Amazon Prime Video.

How can I watch El padre bueno on oTT Platform?

You can watch El padre bueno on the streaming platform Netflix.

What are the reviews of El padre bueno on oTT Platform?

The reviews of El padre bueno on oTT Platform are generally positive, with many viewers praising the film’s heartfelt story and strong performances. The film has a rating of 8.2/10 on IMDb and a score of 87% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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