All You Need to Know about Asmahan: Her Age, Net Worth, Height & Weight

Asmahan was a well-known actress and singer who hailed from Syria. Her legacy is still felt in the world of entertainment, and her contributions as a performer have left an indelible mark. One such contribution was the 1917 film titled “Asmahan”.

It was not only her debut as an actress but also as a soundtrack contributor. The film was directed by a team of 58 people and was written by a trio of writers, including 29-27-17 Inch.

It was released on 25th November 1917, and its runtime is unknown. The film received an IMDB rating of

7, which is relatively respectable for a movie of that era. “Asmahan” was filmed in As-Suwayda, Syria, and the language in the movie is Syrian. The film starred Asmahan, who had a net worth of 2 million dollars.

If you want to learn more about Asmahan’s life and career, you can check out her Wiki page. Overall, “Asmahan” was a significant moment in the history of Syrian cinema and an excellent example of Asmahan’s talents as an actress and musician.

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About Asmahan

Full Name Asmahan
Country USA
Full Address As-Suwayda, Syria
Nationality Syrian
Height 5.7 Feet
Date of birth 1917-11-25 00:00:00
Weight 58Kg
Body Measurements 29-27-17 Inch
Net Worth $2 million


About Asmahan Wiki

Asmahan is a prominent name in the world of Syrian cinema. She is known for her skills as an actress and as a talented singer. The actress was born on 25 November 1917 in As-Suwayda, Syria.

She made her debut in the film industry with the movie ‘Asmahan’ in the year 191Asmahan was not only known for her acting skills, but her melodious voice also earned her a lot of fame.

She became a popular singer in Syria, and her music still inspires many musicians. Her talent made her one of the wealthiest actresses in the industry with a net worth of $2 million.

As far as her physical features are concerned, Asmahan stood tall with a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1664 cm) and weighed around 54 kg. She had dark brown hair and beautiful brown eyes that added to her elegance.

Apart from acting and singing, Asmahan was also a skilled composer and songwriter. She wrote many songs that became very popular in Syria.

Her contribution to the music industry inspired many young artists. Asmahan’s journey in the film industry was stopped abruptly as she was tragically killed in a car accident in 194 However, her legacy lives on through her movies and music, and she remains an icon in Syrian cinema history even today.

Asmahan Early Life

Asmahan was a legendary Syrian singer who established herself as an iconic figure in the Arab music industry during the 1930s and 1940s. Talking about Asmahan early life style, she was born in 1912 to a noble Syrian family.

She was raised along with her siblings in a prestigious and highly intellectual environment in Damascus, Syria. Asmahan’s early life style was quite different as compared to other girls of her age. She loved to read books and explore the world around her.

Her family recognized her talent in singing and encouraged her to pursue music as a career. At the age of fourteen, Asmahan already had an excellent vocal range and started taking music lessons from renowned musicians like Riyad as Sunbati and Mohamed al Qasabgi. Asmahan’s passion for music led her to perform in various public events and gatherings, and she gained popularity among the local audience.

Later on, she moved to Egypt to pursue her music career and recorded her first song “Ya Habibi Ta’al” which became an instant hit. Asmahan early life style reflected her strong personality and the unconventional approach she took towards life.

In conclusion, Asmahan’s early life style was marked by her intellectual upbringing, passion for music, and a desire to explore the world around her. Her life continues to inspire people all over the world, and she remains an iconic figure in the Arab music industry.

Asmahan Career

Asmahan’s career and profession life were marked by her immense talent and her love for music. As a young girl, she showed a great interest in singing and quickly became known for her powerful yet expressive voice.

Born in 1912 in Syria, Asmahan began her professional career in Egypt, where she moved to pursue her passion for music. Despite facing challenges as a woman in a male-dominated industry, Asmahan persevered, and her talent and hard work paid off. She quickly rose to fame as one of Egypt’s most beloved singers and frequently performed on the radio and in movies.

Asmahan’s career was tragically cut short when she passed away at a young age, but her legacy continues to inspire musicians and fans around the world. Her music has been preserved and continues to be celebrated by those who appreciate the artistry, emotion, and sheer talent that Asmahan brought to her profession. Her dedication to her craft and her love of music will always be remembered as an enduring part of her remarkable career and life.

Conclusion About Asmahan

In conclusion, Asmahan was a talented Syrian actress and singer who made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. Her remarkable career spanned several decades, and she was known for her powerful voice and ability to perform in multiple languages.

Asmahan’s contributions to the movie and music industry are still celebrated today. Despite her untimely death at the age of 26, she left a lasting impression on the world. Asmahan’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, and her height and weight are unknown.

Overall, her life and work continue to inspire and influence many artists today, and her legacy will undoubtedly endure for years to come.

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