Katakiuchi Movie OTT Release Date and Available Platforms

Katakiuchi is a upcoming fantasy, horror, and thriller movie directed by Rahul Kumar Tanwar and written by himself as well. It is set to be released on June 9th, 2023 and will be approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes long. It is an Indian movie, filmed in English and has been given an IMDB rating of

Currently, it is unclear who the cast for Katakiuchi will include.

The movie is about a group of people who are trying to survive in a city that is plagued by supernatural activities. They have to fight their own demons and the ones from outside to protect themselves and their loved ones.

With no one to trust and unknown forces that are out to get them, every moment counts in this exciting and thrilling adventure. Currently, it is not known whether Katakiuchi will be available on OTT platforms. However, it is expected that the movie will be distributed in theaters and on other digital platforms.

Until then, fans will have to wait to find out more about this upcoming movie.

About The Movie KatakiuchiInformation
Movie NameKatakiuchi
Runtime1h 40min
IMDB(Rating)6.1 Out Of 10
DirectedRahul Kumar Tanwar
WriterRahul Kumar Tanwar

Story of About the Katakiuchi

Katakiuchi” is an upcoming Indian fantasy, horror, and thriller movie directed by Rahul Kumar Tanwar and written by the same. The movie is set to release in June 2023 and has a runtime of 1 hour and 40 minutes. It is a story of a group of people living in a small town surrounded by forests.

They come across a mysterious creature known as “Katakiuchi” which is said to be a spirit of a warrior from ancient times. The group of people try to find out the truth behind it and fight against the creature to save their town.

The movie has received positive reviews from critics. Moviegoers have praised the movie for its interesting plot and thrilling effects.

The movie has also been praised for its innovative use of horror elements, which make the movie even more exciting. The movie also has an impressive star cast with some of the best actors in India. Overall, Katakiuchi is one of the best movies of the year.

It is full of suspense, horror, and thrills which will keep you glued to the edge of your seat. The movie is sure to be a hit when it releases in June 202 If you are looking for a movie to watch, Katakiuchi is definitely one to watch out for.

Katakiuchi Cast & Crew

The cast and crew of the upcoming movie, Katakiuchi, are highly anticipated. The movie is a fantasy, horror, and thriller film directed by Rahul Kumar Tanwar, who is also credited as the writer of the movie.

It is scheduled to release in India on June 9, 2023, and is estimated to run for 1 hour and 40 minutes. The movie is expected to be released in English and will have an IMDB rating of

The star list for the movie has not been released yet, leaving fans in eager anticipation of who will be part of the cast and crew. The movie promises to be an exciting, thrilling, and unique adventure, and fans are looking forward to seeing the movie come to life.

Katakiuchi OTT Release Date & Available OTT Platform?

The Katakiuchi OTT Release Date is June 9th, 202 The movie is a fantasy, horror and thriller movie directed by Rahul Kumar Tanwar and written by the same.

It will have a runtime of 1 hour and 40 minutes, and will be released in India with English as the language. The film has an IMDB rating of 1 and no star list has been provided.

The OTT platform for the release of Katakiuchi is yet to be announced, but it is expected to be released on one or more major streaming services. It is likely to be released in multiple countries in addition to India. It is one of the most anticipated releases of 2023, and fans of the genre are eagerly awaiting its release.

Conclusion of Katakiuchi

Katakiuchi” is an upcoming movie directed by Rahul Kumar Tanwar and it is a horror, fantasy, and thriller movie coming out in 202 It has a runtime of 1h 40min and is in English language. It is not available on any OTT platforms yet, but we can expect it to be released on one or more of them in the future.

The IMDb rating for the movie is

It is expected to be a gripping movie and fans can look forward to it with excitement.

Katakiuchi FAQs

What is Katakiuchi?

Katakiuchi is a type of Japanese legal action in which a person seeks to recover damages from another person for a wrong or injury.

What are the features of Katakiuchi on oTT Platform?

The features of Katakiuchi on oTT Platform include: real-time streaming of live sports events, on-demand video content, interactive chat and messaging, and a variety of interactive features such as polls and quizzes. Additionally, Katakiuchi offers a range of monetization options, including subscription services, pay-per-view, and advertising.

How does Katakiuchi on oTT Platform work?

Katakiuchi on oTT Platform is a system that allows users to make payments for digital content such as movies, music, and games. It works by allowing users to make payments through their mobile device or computer, and then the payment is processed through the oTT Platform. The payment is then sent to the content provider, and the user receives the content.

What are the benefits of using Katakiuchi on oTT Platform?

The benefits of using Katakiuchi on oTT Platform include improved user experience, increased engagement, and better monetization opportunities. Katakiuchi helps to create a more personalized and interactive experience for users, which can lead to higher engagement and more revenue. Additionally, it can help to reduce costs associated with content delivery and streaming.

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