Lesbian Sugar Celebrities You Might Not Know Are in Lesbian Relationships

If you’re a single lesbian, have you ever felt your options for socializing with other girls were more restricted than your ‘straight’ friends? Many females are choosing to go online to interact with prospective partners. If you want to meet a sugar mama, you might be encouraged to learn about ‘celebrity’ sugars! We can provide a list of prominent figures you might not know are in lesbian sugar relationships. Take these on board. If you were to register with a dating site aimed at introducing you to a lesbian sugar mommy, you could chat about them! A hookup site for girls would be perfect for providing a secure communication platform for you to flirt, and with wealthy and famous women as well!

Robin Roberts

Roberts was born in Alabama in 1960, and after playing tennis and basketball, went on to Southeastern Louisiana University before becoming a TV broadcaster. She is renowned as the first lesbian presenter of the hit game show Jeopardy. She has been in a relationship with massage therapist Amber Laign, 14 years her junior, since 2005.

Jill Bennett

Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Bennett is an actress who has been vocal about LGBTQ rights, strongly advocating equality. While she had openly admitted her sexuality, she has stated that there are many more lesbians working in the US film industry than those who are officially ‘out.’ She is seeing musician/actress Lauren Neal, also 14 years younger.

Rachel Maddow

Californian Maddow was born in 1973, graduating from Stanford University and Lincoln College, Oxford, England. As well as achieving a doctorate in political science, she was the first lesbian to anchor a prime-time US news network. She describes herself as ‘very, very Catholic.’ Her longtime sugar mama partner is artist and photographer Susan Mikula, born in 1958.

Stephanie Allynne

Allynne was born in 1986, and after moving to Los Angeles from Buffalo, New York, she studied acting. She has been a prolific performer on US TV shows, including Happy Endings, 2 Broke Girls, and Kroll Show. She married deadpan comedian Tig Notaro, born in 1971. Notaro is a Grammy-winning performer and has done stand-up shows and released numerous albums, singles, specials, and videos. 

Martina Navratilova

Navratilova is a Czech American tennis professional, born in Prague in what was then Czechoslovakia in 1956, and going on to win 18 Grand Slam titles. She is renowned for being amongst the greatest exponents of her sport. In 2014, she proposed to her long-term partner, Julia Lemigova, during the US Open tennis championships. They married that December. Lemigova, born in Moscow in 1972, her sugar baby, was Miss USSR in 1990.

Jenny Shimizu

Born in San Jose, California, in 1967, Shimizu eventually became a model for Calvin Klein CK1 perfume and was the first Asian model to strut down the influential Prada catwalk. She has also starred in the US teen drama Foxfire, alongside Angelina Jolie (her then-girlfriend). She met Michelle Harper, a young fashionista, at a party in 2012, and they married two years later. The sugar baby of this relationship, Harper, was complimented by the New York Times for her fabulous and individual dress sense. They went on to describe her as an ‘it girl.’

What these sugar lesbians have in common is that they are hugely successful in their chosen fields but remain grounded, not to mention proud of their position as advocates of LGBTQ equality. You could take any or all of them as your perfect role models. Now all that remains for you to emulate these delectable ladies is for you to find and date one, maybe even with registering on a suitable hookup site.

Updated: March 7, 2023 — 4:55 pm