Patrick Mahomes Net Worth, Bio, Height, Age, Weight, Wiki

Patrick Mahomes is the heir apparent to Tom Brady’s throne, taking one final lesson from the master in the 2021 Super Bowl in Tampa Bay.

Here we take a look at the man who is trying to develop a dynasty akin to the one Tom Brady built with Bill Belichick at the New England Patriots.


Mahomes comes from sporting stock, because his father Pat Mahomes was a successful pitcher in the MLB, where he played for several teams including the New York Mets and the Boston Red Sox.

Those genes that provided his father with a stellar throwing arm helped Mahomes out on the football field, as he was eventually admitted to Texas Tech Uni, where his footballing story would begin. However, quite incredibly, Mahomes also had the chance to go pro in the MLB, because the Detroit Tigers wanted to sign him in 2014, only to have their hopes dashed by a young man with his sights set on the bright lights of the NFL.

Mahomes will be hoping he can take his Chiefs back to the Super Bowl showcase in 2022, so he can right the wrongs of what happened in the 2021 final

College Career

As we have already mentioned, Mahomes began his sports career at college flitting between baseball and football, this despite him posting record numbers for Texas Tech on the football field.

By the time he was a sophomore he was already the team’s starting quarterback and then when he became a junior, he finally declared that he would be focusing all his energies on football rather than baseball. To this day he still holds the NCAA’s single game record for passing yards registered in one game.

NFL Career

Mahomes was tipped for greatness early on in the NFL, as betting tipsters and media analysts alike drooled over his combination of slick footwork and gun slinger throwing arm. This was further proven during the 2017 draft process when more head coaches watched Mahomes practice than any other quarterback looking to make it to the big leagues that year.

It soon became clear that Mahomes would be viewed as a future betting favorite to lift the Super Bowl or at least bolster a franchise into serious contention for it. Ultimately it was the Kansas City Chiefs who would acquire Mahomes and he won his first game starting for them against the Broncos, upsetting the odds to win what was essentially a dead rubber in the lead-up to the playoffs.

From there on he never looked back, becoming the league’s MVP in 2018 before going on to be every sports bettors’ dream in 2019, as he lived up to all expectations and justified the NFL betting odds and expert tips that predicted a Kansas City triumph in Miami Gardens, Florida.

The late come-from-behind surge that Mahomes inspired will never be forgotten.

Net Worth

All this success does not come cheap for the Chiefs and especially seeing as Mahomes was signed to an improved $450m contract in 2020. In principle that will see the star remain in Kansas for pretty much the remainder of his career, but we all know how fickle NFL franchises can be.

As of now, with that huge contract in pocket, Mahomes is purported to be worth no less than $40m but that can be expected to spike as he rolls into the most lucrative years of the contract he agreed with the Chiefs.

By Tom Brady’s own admission, Mahomes is his heir apparent as the MVP quarterback in the league

Height, Age, Weight, and Other Vital Statistics

Height: 1,91m

Age: 25 (Birthday: 17th Sep)

Weight: 104 KG

Experience: 5 years in the league

Jersey Number: 15

Other Interesting Facts

Aside from his father being an ex-MLB star, there are plenty more interesting things to know about this elite level QB.

His sporting hero was once New York Yankee legend Alex Rodriguez. He was once held up at gun point when he was still just in his rookie NFL season and he still loves baseball, even buying a share of the Kansas City Royals with that bumper new deal he earned.

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