Swamp Monster: Corruption – A Review of the OTT Release Date and Platforms Available

Swamp Monster: Corruption is an upcoming horror movie directed and written by Sawyer Kelly, set to be released in 202 It stars Sawyer Kelly, Sean Kelly, and Kai Kelly in the lead roles.

The movie is set in Canada and is filmed in English. It has an IMDb rating of

The runtime of the movie is 1h 40min. The movie follows the story of a family who moves to a small town and discovers a mysterious creature living in the nearby swamp. As they investigate the creature’s dark secrets, they realize that their own lives are in danger.

The family must work together to save themselves and their town from the corruption unleashed by the swamp monster. Swamp Monster: Corruption is not yet available on any OTT platform.

However, fans can stay tuned for more updates about its release.

About The Movie Swamp Monster: CorruptionInformation
Movie NameSwamp Monster: Corruption
Runtime1h 40min
IMDB(Rating)6.1 Out Of 10
DirectedSawyer Kelly
WriterSawyer Kelly
StarSawyer Kelly,Sean Kelly,Kai Kelly

Story of About the Swamp Monster: Corruption

Swamp Monster: Corruption is a horror movie set to be released in 2023 and directed by Sawyer Kelly. The movie follows the story of three siblings, Sawyer, Sean, and Kai Kelly, who explore a mysterious swamp in Canada, where they find an ancient creature that has been corrupting the environment for centuries. When the siblings discover the creature, they also discover that it is responsible for the corruption of the swamp, and must now find a way to stop it.

With the help of local experts, they must battle the creature and its corruption in order to save the environment. The movie features thrilling moments, intense action sequences, and special effects to create a horror experience that fans of the genre will appreciate.

The movie also features an original score by Sean Kelly and Kai Kelly, which adds to the atmosphere of the movie. The best part of Swamp Monster: Corruption is the excellent performances of the cast, especially those of the three siblings.

The chemistry between them is believable and the characters are likable and relatable. Overall, Swamp Monster: Corruption is an exciting horror movie that is sure to please fans of the genre. It has great performances, thrilling action sequences, and a great story.

The movie also has a great score and visuals, which make it an enjoyable experience.

Swamp Monster: Corruption Cast & Crew

The cast and crew of the horror movie, Swamp Monster: Corruption, consists of the director, Sawyer Kelly, as well as the writer, Sawyer Kelly. The movie is set to be released in 2023, with a run time of 1h 40min.

The movie is being produced in Canada with the language being English. The IMDb rating for the movie is

The movie stars Sawyer Kelly, Sean Kelly, and Kai Kelly. Sawyer Kelly is taking on the roles of both director and writer for the movie. Sean Kelly and Kai Kelly are both starring in the movie and will be playing a key role in helping to bring the movie to life.

All three of the actors have a lot of experience in the horror genre and will be able to bring their knowledge and experience to the movie. With the experienced cast and crew behind this movie, Swamp Monster: Corruption is sure to be a hit when it is released.

Is Swamp Monster: Corruption OTT Release Date & Available OTT Platform?

Swamp Monster: Corruption” is a horror movie directed by Sawyer Kelly and written by the same. It stars Sawyer Kelly, Sean Kelly, and Kai Kelly and is set in Canada. It has an IMDb rating of

1, and a runtime of 1 hour 40 minutes. The OTT release date for Swamp Monster: Corruption is set for March 7, 202

This date is subject to change based on the pandemic and other factors. The movie is sure to be a frightening, thrilling experience and fans of the horror genre won’t want to miss it.

Conclusion of Swamp Monster: Corruption

Swamp Monster: Corruption” is a horror movie, written and directed by Sawyer Kelly, scheduled to be released in 202 Starring Sawyer Kelly, Sean Kelly and Kai Kelly, the movie follows a group of friends who must face the mysterious swamp monster that inhabits their local marsh.

Although “Swamp Monster: Corruption” is not yet available on any OTT platform, it is expected to be released soon and will be available for streaming. The movie looks to be a fun and exciting horror flick that is sure to provide plenty of thrills and chills.

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