Top of Hollywood senior celebrities looking for fun online

Because of an improved lifestyle and better healthcare facilities, there is a considerable increase in the average life expectancy rate in the US. It also means there are moreolder adults than ever before, which is why so many of them turn to online dating sites to find love. Young singles are also showing interest in dating older women, and how gorgeous those Hollywood senior celebrities look on screen has a role to play.

The exciting thing is that people who use dating sites with the hope of meeting older women looking for sex often wish they could date those celebrities in real life. Those online daters constantly look for their own version of Jenifer Lopez, Sharon Stone, and Mariah Carey. But what they do not know is that their favorite Hollywood stars have admitted to using online matchmaking sites at some stage in life. If they have used it once, chances are they will try it again whenever they are single and ready to mingle.

Here are top senior celebrities who have tried online hookups in the past and are still open to giving it another shot.

Ricki Lake

She is quite popular in chat rooms on online dating sites, especially after admitting she has tried three dating websites in the past. She finds online dating attractive because of the “anonymity” it offers. She loves when daters take her as an ordinary woman. She is not dating one as of now, so chances are she is back online and seeking a hot guy like you.

Britney Spears

She is among those celebrities who never had a great love life, but she acknowledged the fact that using online dating sites was fun. She even talked about the pros and cons of online dating with Jimmy Fallon on the show. She is currently seeing Sam Asghari, but she may still come online to have some fun every now and then.

Martha Steward

Though it seems she is off the market right now, she might be using dating sites as she has done in the past. She talked about her online dates on the “Today Show” and described the experience of meeting men online. She said she had a great time and might try it again.

Patti Stanger

Patti Stanger from “Millionaire Matchmaker” is also a celebrity interested in finding partners on dating sites. In fact, she found her ex-boyfriend David Krause through a dating site. She is no longer in that relationship, and chances are she is single again and searching online to get lucky again.

Drew Barrymore

The Never Been Kissed star has been quite vocal about her love life and all the challenges she ends up facing being a single mother. Though she has mentioned her reluctance to swipe right at younger guys, she might eventually change her mind. She has also said how she decided not to use the dating apps in 2018 but later confirmed that she could not stop herself from dipping in and out of the vast dating sea.


While it may not seem like it, Hollywood celebrities are just like us. They enjoy grocery shopping, walking their dogs, working out in the gym, and of course, dating online.Stop thinking that the idea of online dating does not appeal to someone famous. You just need to be on the most popular mature dating site, and if you get lucky, you might end up flirting with someone famous. At the very least, you will meet a mature lady who looks like your favorite star but is more willing to get in bed with you. So, keep searching!

Updated: March 30, 2022 — 9:20 pm