Umberto Orsini: A Closer Look at His Age, Net Worth, Height, and Weight

Umberto Orsini is an Italian actor who made an indelible mark in the film industry during his time. Born in Novara, Piedmont, Italy, Umberto gained popularity as an Italian film star.

He has appeared in over 55 films and has written 42-32-18 Inch screenplays. His performances have been well-received by audiences and critics alike, earning him a spot in Hollywood’s elite $7 million club. Umberto’s passion for acting began at a young age, and he honed his craft by studying drama in college.

He eventually made his debut in the entertainment industry in 1934 with a movie named after him. The film’s release date was on April 2nd, 1934, and it was well-received by the public.

Throughout his career, Umberto Orsini has been admired for his versatility as an actor. He is proficient in several languages, including Italian, and has acted in numerous films across different cultures. Today, Orsini is remembered as a veteran of the Italian film industry, who made a significant contribution to its growth.

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About Umberto Orsini

Full Name Umberto Orsini
Country United States
Full Address Novara, Piedmont, Italy
Nationality Italian
Height 5.8 Feet
Date of birth 1934-04-02 00:00:00
Weight 55Kg
Body Measurements 42-32-18 Inch
Net Worth $7 million


About Umberto Orsini Wiki

Umberto Orsini is a renowned Italian actor who was born on April 2, 1934, in Novara, Piedmont, Italy. He has a successful career in the film industry, having starred in a number of popular movies. Umberto Orsini’s net worth stands at an impressive $7 million, a testament to his talent and hard work.

Orsini started his acting career in the early 1960s and quickly gained recognition for his exceptional talent. He has appeared in over 50 movies, showcasing his versatility in diverse roles.

His notable performances include his role as Captain Vanni in the movie “A Man Called Sledge” (1970) and as Colonel von Kleist in the movie “The Battle of Algiers” (1966). Apart from acting, Umberto Orsini has also directed a few movies and written several screenplays.

He is a multi-talented artist who has worked hard to achieve success in his career. Umberto Orsini is height and weight is not publicly known. However, his achievements in the film industry speak for themselves, and his contribution to the art of acting cannot be overlooked.

His immense wealth is a testament to his talent and success in the industry. In conclusion, Umberto Orsini is an accomplished actor, director, and screenwriter whose net worth stands at an impressive $7 million. He has a wealth of experience in the industry, having appeared in over 50 movies.

His talent and hard work have made him one of the most recognized names in the industry, and he continues to inspire young actors to follow in his footsteps.

Umberto Orsini Early Life

About Umberto Orsini Early Life StyleUmberto Orsini is an Italian film and television actor, born on April 2, 1934, in Novara, Italy. He grew up in a middle-class family and spent most of his early life in Milan. Orsini showed a keen interest in theater and cinema from a very early age, and he began acting on stage as a teenager in high school productions.

After completing his education, Umberto Orsini moved to Rome to pursue his career in acting. He started his career by appearing in small roles in Italian films in the late 1950s.

Over the next few years, he built his reputation as a talented actor and gained recognition for his work in a variety of films such as “La dolce vita,” “L’avventura,” and “La notte. “Throughout his career, Umberto Orsini has been known for his natural acting talent and his ability to bring unique qualities and depth to his characters. His style is characterized by his ability to convey complex emotions and thoughts through subtle gestures and facial expressions.

Umberto Orsini’s early life style was influenced by his love for the arts and his passion for cinema. He was deeply committed to his craft and worked tirelessly to hone his skills as an actor.

His dedication and hard work paid off, and he became one of the most respected and celebrated actors of his time.

Umberto Orsini Career

Umberto Orsini is an Italian actor, director, and screenwriter known for his outstanding contributions to the film and television industry. Born on 2 April 1934, in Novara, Piedmont, Italy, he started his acting career in theater during the 1960s.

He then made a successful transition to film and television in the 1970s, earning critical acclaim for his impressive performances. Orsini began his acting career in 1964, when he joined the Roman theater group, “Teatro di Roma”. He then worked with several other theater groups before making his film debut in 1965 in “That Man in Rio,” directed by Philippe de Broca.

He has acted in over sixty films, including “Battle of Algiers,” “The Damned,” “L’Amour,” “La Moglie Più Bella,” “The Night Porter,” and “Reasons of the State. “In addition to his successful acting career, Orsini has also worked as a director and screenwriter.

His directorial work includes “Out of Control” and “Non c’è pace tra gli ulivi,” while his writing credits include “Dimenticare Lisa” and “La garçonnière. “Overall, Umberto Orsini has had a fruitful and fulfilling career in the entertainment industry, leaving behind a legacy of wonderful performances and creative projects.

Conclusion About Umberto Orsini

In conclusion, Umberto Orsini had a successful career in the film industry. He was born on April 2, 1934, in Novara, Piedmont, Italy, and acted in many Italian movies.

He was known for his roles in dramas and thrillers, with a career spanning several decades. Orsini’s height and weight are not widely known, but they didn’t stop him from becoming a prolific actor. Despite the fact that his highest-rated film on IMDb has a score of

8, Umberto Orsini managed to carve out a niche for himself in the Italian cinema. He was well-liked among audiences, and his net worth was estimated at $7 million. Overall, Umberto Orsini’s contribution to the movie industry was significant, and his legacy has endured long after his passing.

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