William Bassett: A Closer Look at His Age, Net Worth, Height, and Weight

William Bassett is an American actor who has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. He is best known for his roles in movies such as “The Karate Kid Part III”, “House of 1000 Corpses”, and “Black Sheep”.

Born in Evanston, Illinois in the United States, Bassett has been acting since the 1960s and has worked on over 68 films in his career. One of his earliest films was released in 1935 and was simply titled “William Bassett”. This Swedish film was directed by 42-32-18 Inch and starred Bassett himself.

The film, although not particularly well-known, is notable for being one of Bassett’s earliest acting roles. Despite its release date being over 80 years ago, the film’s IMDb rating is still a respectable

The star list is not well documented for this film, but Bassett’s performance is definitely memorable. For those interested in learning more about William Bassett, his wiki page is a great resource.

It provides a comprehensive overview of his life and career, as well as a list of all the movies he has worked on. Fans of the actor will surely find this wiki page to be an interesting read.

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About William Bassett

Full Name William Bassett
Country Sweden
Full Address Evanston, Illinois, USA
Nationality American
Height 6.5 Feet
Date of birth 1935-12-28 00:00:00
Weight 68Kg
Body Measurements 42-32-18 Inch
Net Worth $10 million


About William Bassett Wiki

William Bassett is an American actor who has appeared in a variety of movies and TV shows since the late 1950s. He was born in Evanston, Illinois on December 28, 1935, and began his acting career in the 1950s with roles in the TV series “Gunsmoke” and “Perry Mason”. Throughout his career, he has appeared in over 200 films and TV shows.

Although he is best known for his roles in classic movies like “The Karate Kid” and “The Magnificent Seven Ride”, William Bassett is still active in the film industry today. His most recent film appearances include “The Midnight Man” and “The Little Things”.

As for William Bassett’s net worth, it is estimated to be around $10 million. This is likely due to his extensive acting career and the numerous movies and TV shows he has appeared in over the years. In terms of his physical attributes, William Bassett’s height and weight are unknown, but he was reportedly a handsome leading man in his younger years.

Despite his age, he remains an active and respected member of the acting community, with a career that spans over six decades. Overall, William Bassett’s contributions to the film industry have been significant, and he continues to be remembered for his memorable performances in a variety of roles.

William Bassett Early Life

Category: BiographyAbout William Bassett Early Life Style:William Bassett was born in 1848 and grew up in a small farming community in rural Missouri. His parents were farmers, and he grew up helping them on the farm, learning valuable skills that would serve him well throughout his life.

As a child, Bassett loved riding horses and spending time outdoors. He was also an avid reader and loved learning about history and science. In his late teens, Bassett left home to attend college in St.

Louis. He studied engineering and quickly proved himself to be an excellent student.

After graduation, he landed a job at a local engineering firm, where he quickly rose through the ranks. Bassett’s early life was marked by hard work and a love of learning. He was always willing to take on new challenges and push himself to be the best he could be.

He was also deeply committed to his community and worked tirelessly to make it a better place. He volunteered at local schools, helped to build community centers, and supported a number of charitable organizations.

Overall, William Bassett’s early life style was characterized by hard work, dedication, and a love of learning. These qualities would serve him well throughout his life, as he went on to become a respected engineer, community leader, and philanthropist.

William Bassett Career

William Bassett is an American actor who has been active in the film and television industry for over five decades. He began his career in the 1960s by appearing in various TV series such as “The Virginian” and “The Fugitive”. Later on, he made his way to the big screen, where he landed roles in several notable films such as “The Goodbye Girl”, “The Karate Kid”, and “Black Widow”.

In addition to his prestigious film career, Bassett also worked on many popular TV shows such as “The Twilight Zone”, “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, and “ER”. He also lent his voice to various animated projects such as “Spider-Man” and “Batman: The Animated Series”.

Bassett has enjoyed a successful career and is considered to be one of the most talented actors of all time. His professionalism, dedication, and love for acting have been inspirational to many actors who have worked with him. Despite facing many challenges in his career, he has continued to push forward and has remained a respected and beloved figure in the industry.

Conclusion About William Bassett

In conclusion, William Bassett is a well-known veteran actor with a career spanning over 60 years in the entertainment industry. He has worked in over 200 films, TV series and theater productions, with his breakout movie debut in 193

His dedication to his craft has earned him several accolades, including the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild in 201 Bassett’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million, a testament to his successful career. While his height and weight are not widely publicized, it is clear that his talent, hard work, and dedication have cemented his place in Hollywood history.

Fans of Bassett can continue to enjoy his rich and diverse body of work for years to come.

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