5 Celebrity MILFs Who Would Make Great Dating Material

Everyone in the world fantasizes about dating or hooking up with someone famous. People even have lists of celebrities they’d love to date. In the particular order of hotness. We all know that our chances of making those fantasies come true aren’t great. But still, it’s fun to dream. And that’s what this list will be – dreamy. Full of the hottest celebrity MILFs who are most likely great in relationships. All right, not full. Just 5 of them. Yet that’s good because it’d be hard to endure a long list of such attractive women.

Courteney Cox

Even though Janifer Aniston was the hot one in Friends, many men agree that Courteney Cox and her polar-cap-melting smile were the best part of the show. Here are some awards to back up that claim:

  • Courtney Cox was voted the 9th sexiest woman in the world by FHM magazine readers (1997, 1998).
  • Named the Hottest Babe by Playboy magazine (1995).
  • Voted the 18th Sexiest Woman in the World by Stuff magazine (2002).

Courteney isn’t just undeniably hot; she’s also a classy lady who drives a Jaguar. She plays piano and drums. And… she got the Razzie nomination for Worst Support Actress in 2001. Luckily, she didn’t win that one.

That would make Courteney the perfect dating material, but she’s in a relationship with Johnny McDaid. Another sign of her awesomeness is that she regularly embarrasses her daughter on Instagram. So other than her being married, we can’t find many cons to dating Courteney Cox. But, no one can stop people from dreaming.

Drew Barrymore

Yet, those who prefer making real memories instead of imagining them can’t expect that to happen out of the blue. They need to be active, which isn’t difficult nowadays. Everything single guys seeking older ladies need to do is join a local platform to find MILFs and create a decent profile. No, we aren’t saying that everyone on each MILF dating site gets 213 dates a week. But AI-based matchmaking and smooth video chat surely save a lot of time. And the next goddess on this list is well aware of that.

Drew Barrymore shared that she uses online dating apps because it’s tricky to date as a single mom. Yes, it’s difficult even if you’re one of Charlie’s Angels. That’s definitely a trait that would make Drew a perfect dating material.

A guy in a relationship with her wouldn’t feel like a mortal talking to a celestial being, which is common when one partner is famous. Drew understands the struggle of dating, and she’s a great mom. But…hold your horses if you’d like to put a ring on it because Drew said she’d never marry again.

Halle Berry

This Bond girl is a secret crush for many men worldwide. No blame there. What’s not to like about this jaw-dropping attractive black woman? 

In 2002 she became the only, and still is, black woman to win the Academy Award for Best Actress. Halle loves animals, and everybody knows that animal lovers are one of the best. She was a dog person before starring in Catwoman as Catwoman. After the filming, she adopted a cat named Playto. Another great trait of hers is being able to accept criticism. She showed that loud and clear in 2005 when she became the first actress to accept in person a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress (Catwoman).

Men love beautiful women who can handle critics, that’s for sure. Sadly, they can’t have Halle since she’s in a relationship with Van Hunt. The couple has been going strong since 2020, and she even stated she found her soulmate.

Demi Moore

Another actress from Charlie’s Angels made it on this list. Demi is one of the first actresses who was open about her relationship with the age gap. At the time, she dated Ashton Kutcher, and many people envied him for that. 

Demi showed what she’s made of in the G.I.Jane movie where we could see her muscly body. She even shaved her long black hair for the role. She showed she could face any challenge that was put in front of her. Demi has three children from her former marriage with Bruce Willis. All of them are down-to-Earth which shows that Demi doesn’t care about fame.

She admitted having an open marriage with Ashton. It worked for them perfectly, but it can be a dealbreaker for those who want her for themselves. Another reason men can’t date her is – she’s in a relationship. In March 2022, she started dating Daniel Humm and has never been happier.

Jennifer Lopez

We’ll finish the list with Jennifer Lopez even though she recently married Ben Affleck. We don’t have to list all the pros J-Lo brings to the table. She sings, dances, acts and looks like J-Lo. It’s almost impossible to find a con… We guess that some people are perfect dating material.

Yet the truth is, celebrities usually date celebrities. So, don’t hope to start a relationship with any of the ladies from this list. But don’t give up on the idea of dating an attractive older lady if that’s what you want.

Updated: August 9, 2022 — 11:53 am