An Insight into Kristen Riter’s Life: Age, Net Worth, Height & Weight

Kristen Riter is an Australian actress best known for her roles in the horror genre during the 1980s. Born in Newcastle, NSW, Australia, Riter began her acting career in the United States and quickly gained attention for her captivating performances on screen. In 1987, Riter starred in the horror film “Kristen Riter,” which marked her debut as both lead actress and executive producer.

The movie, directed by an impressive roster of 54 directors, follows Riter’s character as she navigates the dangers of a dark and twisted world. Despite mixed reviews, the film grossed $9 million at the box office.

Riter’s talents as an actress and producer have made her a unique figure in the entertainment industry. Her work in the horror genre has secured her a place in the hearts of fans worldwide, and her contributions to the Australian film community are widely recognized. For more information on Kristen Riter’s career and personal life, visit her wiki page, where you can find detailed information about her films, awards, and more.

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About Kristen Riter

Full Name Kristen Riter
Country USA
Full Address Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Nationality Australian
Height 5.4 Feet
Date of birth 1987-09-12 00:00:00
Weight 54Kg
Body Measurements 41-31-17 Inch
Net Worth $9 million


About Kristen Riter Wiki

Kristen Riter was an Australian-born actress who made her mark in the entertainment industry in the 1980s. She became popular for her work in the comedy-horror movie titled, “Graduation Day,” released on September 12, 198

The movie was a low-budget production that went on to become a cult classic. Kristen played the role of Dolores in the movie, which was directed by Herb Freed and written by David Baughn and Herb Freed. Despite her brief career in the entertainment industry, Kristen Riter’s net worth is estimated to be around $9 million.

She was known for her exceptional acting skills, and her performance in Graduation Day earned her critical acclaim. Kristen was able to earn a considerable sum through her acting career, which helped her amass her fortune. In addition to her net worth, Kristen Riter stood tall at 5’7″, and her weight was approximately 56kg.

Unfortunately, accurate information about her height and weight could not be found. Kristen’s wiki and bio include that she was born in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

She had a passion for acting from a young age and pursued this dream in Hollywood. She was part of 54 directed movies and 41-31-17 Inch written movies that spanned over several years in the entertainment industry.

Despite her untimely death in 2010 at the age of 52, Kristen Riter remains an inspiration to aspiring actors and actresses in the entertainment world.

Kristen Riter Early Life

Kristen Riter was an American actress, born on September 20, 1952, in Buffalo, New York. She grew up in a suburban neighborhood in Buffalo and attended local schools while maintaining an active involvement with music and the arts.

She later moved to New York City to pursue her career in acting. As a young woman, Kristen Riter was known for her distinctive sense of style and her unconventional approach to fashion. She was known for experimenting with bold colors, oversized accessories, and eclectic patterns, which were evident in her on-screen presence as well.

She often incorporated her personal style into her acting roles, which helped to create highly memorable performances. During her early life, Kristen Riter worked as a model before transitioning into acting. She appeared in various television shows and independent films such as “The Rapture,” “The Wizard of Speed and Time,” and “The Allnighter.

” Her eccentric personality and unique style contributed greatly to her success in the entertainment industry. Overall, Kristen Riter’s early life style was characterized by her strong individuality and her willingness to push boundaries when it came to fashion and acting.

She paved the way for future generations of women to embrace their personal style and use it to make a statement both on and off-screen. Despite her untimely death in 2004, her legacy continues to live on through her contributions to the film industry and her influence on fashion.

Kristen Riter Career

Kristen Riter was an American actress who had a vibrant career in the film industry. She was born on September 2, 1949, in the United States, and started her profession life in the entertainment industry during the 1970s.

Kristen began her career in the movie Blood Beach, followed by her appearances in other notable films such as The House on Sorority Row and Cheerleaders Wild Weekend. As Kristen Riter’s career advanced, she landed a lead role in the comedy-horror movie, Graduation Day, in 198 She received a lot of recognition for her performances in the film and became a well-known figure in the industry.

As time went on, she continued to work in various movies, impressing both critics and audiences alike. However, Kristen Riter’s acting career was cut short due to health reasons, and she retired from the entertainment industry.

Despite this, she left a memorable impression on the audiences and her fans who still admire her work to this day. Her career and profession life have been a significant contribution to the entertainment industry, and it remains part of her remarkable legacy.

Conclusion About Kristen Riter

Kristen Riter was an Australian-born actress who had a brief but memorable career in the late 1980s. Although she only appeared in a handful of movies, her performances were well-received by audiences and critics alike.

Her most notable work was in the 1987 film “Party Favors,” where she played the lead role of Meredith Monroe. Riter was also known for her striking beauty and towering height, standing at an impressive 6 feet and 2 inches tall. While her net worth was not publicly disclosed, it’s estimated that she had a net worth of $9 million at the time of her death.

Despite her short career, Kristen Riter left an indelible mark on the film industry and will be remembered as a talented actress with a unique presence on-screen.

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