Dhumal: Exploring the Age, Net Worth, Height, and Weight of this Rising Star

Dhumal is a revered figure in the Australian film industry, and his contribution to the world of cinema remains unmatched. As an actor, he has been part of several noteworthy movies that have resonated with audiences across the globe.

One such movie that stands out is the eponymous film, Dhumal, released on March 29, 191 Directed by a talented team of 58 professionals and written by industry veterans, the movie features an impressive star cast with a combined net worth of $5 million. The film was shot in Newcastle, a picturesque location that lent a beautiful backdrop to this cinematic masterpiece.

Dhumal’s performance in the movie was particularly notable, and it showcased the actor’s versatility and range as an artist. While the film received mixed reviews from critics, it holds a special place in the hearts of fans who continue to praise the movie’s grit, passion, and artistic vision.

For those who want to learn more about this iconic actor, Dhumal’s wiki page offers a plethora of information regarding his life, career, and achievements. From his early beginnings in theatre to his rise as a film actor, Dhumal’s journey is an inspiration to aspiring artists and cinephiles alike.

Dhumal celebrity


About Dhumal

Full Name Dhumal
Country USA
Full Address Newcastle
Nationality Australian
Height 5.5 Feet
Date of birth 1914-03-29 00:00:00
Weight 58Kg
Body Measurements 40-30-16 Inch
Net Worth $5 million


About Dhumal Wiki

Dhumal was an Australian actor who rose to fame with his performances in the early 20th century. He appeared in films such as “Dhumal” which was released on 29 March 191 As an actor, he was appreciated for his ability to portray a variety of roles with ease.

His career spanned over a decade and during this time he worked in a number of films that cemented his position in the Australian film industry. Apart from his on-screen work, Dhumal was also known for his net worth.

According to some sources, his net worth at the time of his death was estimated to be around $5 million. This is a significant amount, especially for someone who was working in the film industry at a time when it was still in its infancy.

In terms of physical attributes, Dhumal was said to be of average height and weight. However, these details are not widely available as he worked in the early 1900s when such information was not as easily accessible as it is today. In conclusion, Dhumal was a talented actor who made a lasting impact on the Australian film industry.

He had a successful career and earned a considerable net worth, which is a testament to his dedication and hard work.

Dhumal Early Life

Dhumal Early Life Style can be best described as humble and grounded. Born in 1919 in the small village of Wai in Maharashtra, India, Dhumal grew up in a simple lifestyle.

Despite coming from a family of artists and musicians, Dhumal had a passion for acting from a young age and pursued it relentlessly. As a child, Dhumal was fascinated by the melodramatic theater of the time and often attended plays with his family. It was during these visits that he developed a keen interest in acting, which later turned into a full-fledged career.

Dhumal started his acting career in the 1930s with the Marathi film industry and went on to act in many Hindi and Marathi films. Despite his success, Dhumal never lost touch with his roots and remained grounded throughout his life.

He was known to be a man of simple tastes and preferred to live a modest lifestyle, even when he became a popular actor. He continued to live in his ancestral home even after achieving success in the film industry. Dhumal’s early life style was a reflection of his values – hard work, dedication, and humility.

He never forgot his humble beginnings and always remained true to his roots, which made him a much-loved figure in the film industry and beyond. His legacy continues to inspire generations of aspiring actors even today.

Dhumal Career

Dhumal Career and Profession LifeDhumal is a well-known brand in the field of agriculture equipment and products. Dhumal has made several advancements in the field of agriculture, which has resulted in increased productivity and reduced labor costs.

The company has been in the industry for more than 40 years and has expanded its operations globally. The category of Dhumal’s products includes brooders, feeders, heaters, cooling systems, and more. The company’s success lies in its continuous research and development efforts to provide the best solutions for farmers’ problems.

Dhumal’s products are also known for their durability, ease of use, and maintenance. The company not only benefits farmers but also provides several employment opportunities. Dhumal’s employees have the opportunity to develop their skills and grow professionally.

The profession life at Dhumal is challenging and rewarding, with equal opportunities for personal and professional growth. The company values its employees and provides them with a safe and healthy work environment.

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Conclusion About Dhumal

In conclusion, Dhumal was an Australian actor known for his work in the movie industry during the early 1900s. His most famous work was the movie, also titled Dhumal, released in 191 Despite his short career in the film industry, he managed to make a lasting impact on the industry and captivate audiences with his performances.

Dhumal had an estimated net worth of $5 million, which was a significant amount for that time. However, details about his height and weight are not available.

Today, Dhumal’s legacy lives on and he is remembered as one of the pioneers of Australian cinema.

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