Exploring the Life of Selmer Jackson: Age, Net Worth, Height and Weight

Selmer Jackson was an American actor, born on May 7th, 1888, in Lake Mills, Iowa. With a career spanning over two decades, Jackson established himself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry during the mid-20th century. He appeared in a vast array of films, including classic westerns such as “The Lone Ranger” and “The Cisco Kid”, as well as in comedies and dramas.

With a successful acting career that spanned over 300 appearances across different films and TV series, Jackson made a name for himself as a versatile actor. Along with his impressive acting skills, he also contributed to many films and TV shows behind-the-scenes, having directed fifty-six films and written for forty-three.

While he may not have been the biggest name in Hollywood during his time, Jackson’s work has continued to be appreciated and remembered. His contributions to the filmmaking industry are still acknowledged today. For more information on Selmer Jackson, check out his Wiki page, which details his fascinating journey from an Iowa-born actor to Hollywood legend.

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About Selmer Jackson

Full Name Selmer Jackson
Country USA
Full Address Lake Mills, Iowa, USA
Nationality American
Height 5.3 Feet
Date of birth 1888-05-07
Weight 56Kg
Body Measurements 43-32-18 Inch
Net Worth $2.3 million


About Selmer Jackson Wiki

Selmer Jackson was an American actor born on May 7, 1888, in Lake Mills, Iowa, USA. He appeared in over 300 films and television shows during his prolific career.

Jackson was a prolific character actor in Hollywood during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. He had a recognizable look; always sporting a mustache and often playing roles such as doctors, businessmen, and judges. Jackson’s net worth is estimated to be around $

3 million. During his career, he appeared in some classic movies like “Gone with the Wind,” “The Grapes of Wrath,” and “Of Mice and Men.

” One of his most memorable roles was in “The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek,” released in 194Jackson was a hugely talented actor who was well-respected in the industry. He was directed by some great directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, Frank Capra, and Howard Hawks.

He also worked with some of the most prominent stars of the era, including Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, and James Stewart. Selmer Jackson was known for his tall stature, standing at 6 feet 2 inches.

He weighed around 175 pounds and had a commanding presence on screen. Despite his impressive physique, Jackson died tragically in 1971, at the age of 8 However, his career and legacy live on as one of the most accomplished character actors of his time.

Selmer Jackson Early Life

Selmer Jackson was a highly renowned American actor best known for his roles in western films and television series in the mid-20th century. He was born on May 7, 1888, in Lake Mills, Iowa, United States. He grew up in a small town where his parents ran a grocery store.

Selmer Jackson was the youngest of seven siblings, and his parents instilled strong Christian values in him from a young age. He attended the State University of Iowa and then pursued a career in acting, initially starting as a stage actor.

Throughout his career, Selmer Jackson acted in more than 300 film and TV productions. He is remembered for his roles such as Colonel Carruthers in the movie ‘Duck Soup’ and Judge Abner Weaver in ‘The Night of the Hunter’. Selmer Jackson was known to live a modest life outside of his work.

He was married and had one daughter. He lived in a small house in Hollywood and drove an old car.

Despite his success and fame, Jackson always remained humble and grounded. In conclusion, Selmer Jackson’s early life was centered around strong Christian values, hard work, and modest living.

These values stayed with him throughout his life and were an integral part of his personality. He left behind a legacy in the entertainment industry that continues to inspire many to this day.

Selmer Jackson Career

Selmer Jackson was an American actor who had an extensive career in film, radio, and television. Born on May 7, 1888, in Lake Mills, Iowa, he started his career in the entertainment industry during the 1920s.

Jackson appeared in over 300 movies and acted alongside some of the biggest stars of his time. He is best known for his role as Judge Ben Wiley in the popular television series The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp. Before entering the film industry, Jackson worked as a railroad telegrapher but harbored a passion for acting.

In the 1920s, he relocated to California and began his profession as an actor. He initially appeared as a villain in many silent movies but later gained acclaim for his character roles. Jackson’s remarkable performances earned him a reputation as a versatile actor, and he became a familiar face on both small and big screens.

Jackson’s career spanned over four decades, and he continued to act in films, television shows, and radio dramas until his death at age 8 He left a remarkable legacy and influenced many aspiring actors with his memorable performances.

Conclusion About Selmer Jackson

In conclusion, Selmer Jackson was a prolific actor who made his mark in the entertainment industry. His career spanned over three decades, during which he appeared in numerous films, television shows and stage productions.

His extensive filmography includes a wide range of genres, from westerns to dramas to comedies. Despite not achieving A-list status, Selmer was a highly respected and sought-after character actor who added depth and nuance to his roles. His net worth was estimated at $

3 million, a testament to his success in the field. While not much information is available about his height and weight, what remains clear is that he was a talented actor who left a lasting legacy in Hollywood.

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