New Bitcoin Scam Uses Jeremy Clarkson in Fake Advertisement

Jeremy Clarkson, a well-known face on television, is a British journalist, broadcaster, farmer, businessman, and game show host. He is also a writer who specializes in motoring. Clarkson co-created “The Grand Tour” for Amazon Prime and now writes weekly columns for The Sunday Times and The Sun.

In 1984, he established the ‘Motoring Press Agency,’ which helped him break into a motoring journalism career. After, he was approached by publications like ‘The Sun’ and ‘The Sunday Times’ to write car reviews for them. His outspoken and divisive opinions on various brands helped him become a well-known figure in automotive journalism.

Early Life of Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson was born on April 11, 1960, in Doncaster, Yorkshire. His mother, Shirley Gabrielle, worked as a teacher. His father, Edward Grenville Clarkson, was a traveling salesman. The family also had their own business, selling tea cozies.

When Jeremy was 13, he received a Paddington Bear stuffed toy as a gift from his parents. This was the beginning of a business enterprise their family started soon after. The business turned profitable, and their financial crisis ended. Jeremy attended the ‘Hill House School’ in Doncaster and then joined ‘Repton School.’

Initially, he was a shy and silent child. He was subjected to extreme bullying at ‘Repton School.’ He became suicidal and contemplated killing himself on many occasions. However, he then decided to loosen up and eventually found himself in bad company.

The school was far away from his house. Living alone had a drastic impact on his mind, and he soon turned into a mischievous young kid. He smoked, drank, and created a ruckus in his school. Although he was good at academics, the school management grew tired of his behavior. He was expelled from the school shortly before his A-level exams.

Jeremy Clarkson In Fake Advertisement

A New Bitcoin Scam Uses English Broadcaster, Jeremy Clarkson in a False Ads. A new Bitcoin scam is luring victims with a fake advertisement featuring Clarkson. The advertisement has gone viral on social media and claims Clarkson made a fortune using the Immediate Edge trading bot.

The fake ads quote Clarkson: ‘Bitcoin Revolution has been the greatest investment I’ve ever made.’ When we contacted the Grand Tour host and former Top Gear star, he revealed to This is Money: ‘I have absolutely no knowledge of this company. It is a scam. ‘I’ve engaged the services of a lawyer to deal with this. And will now go online to see what a “bitcoin” is.’

Net Worth of Jeremy Clarkson

Clarkson has estimated to be around $70 million in 2023. He currently earns $4 million per year from his Salary.  Clarkson earns an additional $7-$13 million per year from the shows in bonuses and dividends.

Also, the media personality is paid $29 million to appear on The Grand Tour. Aside from that, he owns a cottage on 312 acres of land in the Cotswolds worth around $5.5 million.

Personal life of Jeremy Clarkson

Clarkson first married his girlfriend, Alexandra James, in June 1989. Their marriage ended six months later due to personal issues. Clarkson began dating Frances Cain after her divorce and married again in May 1993. But things didn’t work out after a few years, and Jeremy divorced Frances in April 2014.

Clarkson has three children from his relationship with Frances, including two daughters named Katya Clarkson and Emily Clarkson, as well as a son named Finlo Clarkson. He is currently in a relationship with Lisa Hogan and lives a lavish lifestyle in Chipping Norton, England.

Updated: June 7, 2023 — 4:27 pm